Walgreens Just Launched a Really Cool Beauty Program Today

Rejoice, beauty lovers! Walgreens just announced a big-time benefit for its beauty customers today with the launch of its Beauty Enthusiast program.

The new loyalty club is part of its existing Balance Rewards program, and will provide cardholders with additional rewards on beauty and personal care items, along with some very cool beauty perks.

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"Walgreens is continually looking for ways to enhance our customers’ beauty shopping experience and to provide greater value for our Balance Rewards members,"Linda Filler, president of retail products and chief merchandising and marketing officer for Walgreens, said in a statement. "Beauty Enthusiast was created for our customer who enjoys our beauty and personal care offering and looks to us for additional benefits, product offers and recommendations. This natural extension of our loyalty program offers easy enrollment, more points and additional rewards to make feeling good easier."

It’s free to sign up and the point breakdown (and extras!) sound pretty exciting: Members will receive 5,000 Balance Rewards points for every $50 spent on cosmetics, skin care, hair care, oral care, grooming, sun care, fragrance and bath product purchases. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of free samples, promos and coupons, as well as the big “welcome-to-the-club” kicker: A one-time digital coupon for 20 times everyday points on any beauty purchase.