This “Sandbagging” Technique Is the Key to Smudge-Proof, Crease-Free Makeup

There's nothing more annoying than meticulously applying your makeup with the steady hand of a surgeon, only to then spot the horror of creased concealer under your eyes or liner that's already smudged (not on purpose) before you even get a chance to spritz your setting spray. It's a problem that can have you reaching for the makeup remover to completely restart your entire application. Lucky for us, there's a simple makeup technique to help you combat the crease and stop the smudge. It's called sandbagging, and as the name implies, the idea is to use powder to form a barrier under your eyes and around your lips to prevent product from bleeding, creasing or smudging. 

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Sandbagging is a process similar to baking, a method that uses your body heat to “cook” a thick coat of light powder applied under your eyes, cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead for definition. All you need to pull this off is concealer, loose powder and a little bit of time to let it set. Makeup artist Wayne Goss demos the method in this simple how-to video that shows you how to stop your favorite eye shadows and kohl liners from smearing and smudging into your lower lash line. It's worth a try to get that flawless finish the first time around.