This Cream-to-Water Moisturizer Instantly Fixes Dry Skin

It’s freezing here in the Northeast, which means a whole lot of complaining about the cold and an equally high degree of attempts to combat dry, freaked-out complexions.

One serious salvation to cut down on the trial-and-error product process: the new fabulous drench ‘n’ quench from bliss ($38). It’s “spa-inspired” (it’s based off of the famous bliss fabulous facial), which sounds like a whole bunch of marketing speak until you apply it and realize it really does deliver facial-worthy results.

It smells fresh, leaves skin soaked in hydration and just makes it feel better. But the formula—a really unique cream-to-water that’s sort of like gel-balm hybrid—is next-level lightweight. You can barely feel it on your skin, but it somehow manages to leave behind a ton of locked-in moisture that wears well under makeup and leaves skin extra soft with sea kelp and vital skin-loving minerals.