This Could Be the Biggest New Superfood of 2016

Berries have always been big-time superfood A-listers thanks to their abundance of antioxidants. But now, new research is pegging a very specific type—black raspberries—as taking the prize for being the “best” antioxidant fruit out there.

In a study out of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, the content of phenolics and anthocyanins (both have an antioxidant effect and both are believed to help decrease the risk of developing cancer, as well as other diseases) in black raspberries, red raspberries and blackberries were examined and assessed from antioxidant potential and health-promoting properties. The results: Black raspberries (more specifically, a type of species grown in Central Europe) had three times the amount of antioxidants when compared with the other berries and approximately 1000 times the amount of anthocyanin content.

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“Based on the analysis of this study, black raspberries hold a higher concentration of health-promoting phenolic compounds, and due to their chemical structure, also hold more antioxidant or free radical–scavenging capacity over red raspberries or blackberries,” says celebrity nutritionist Paula Simpson.