The One Thing You Need to Get Oily Skin Under Control

Oily skin is a blessing and a curse all in one. On one hand, the skin is said to be well-moisturized so that signs of aging, like lines and wrinkles and dryness are less likely to appear as quickly as other skin types. In a nutshell, your skin won’t age as fast as your friends will.

However, you still have to deal with all the oil production, which means greasy-looking skin, makeup that slips off your face and the potential for breakouts.

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Oily skin needs a little extra TLC. See, if you use products that are too stripping, it will think that it’s becoming dried out and the oil production will go into overdrive, leaving your skin even more oily than normal. That same rule of thumb holds true to overwashing oily skin.

Brenda Brock, creator of Farmaesthetics, says a gentle toner is key for keeping oily skin under control. “Don’t use something that’s a strong astringent, synthetic or chemical or alcohol-based as these types of products strip away surface oils and send a signal that the skin is in need of oil. Synthetic astringents can also dehydrate the deeper layers of skin,” she says. “Using a gentle, nourishing toner will quiet overzealous oil production, helping to restore a calm and balanced complexion.”

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