Could Your Thyroid Be Hampering Your Weight Loss?

Why is the thyroid, a small hormone-producing gland located in the middle of your neck, so important? It's responsible for creating horomes that regulate your metabolism. Problems arise when the thyroid doesn’t function properly and too little or too much of the hormone is produced.

Thyroid problems can cause the appetite to increase and weight gain to occur. An overactive thyroid also hinders the body from making enough thyroid hormone, therefore preventing the proper burning of fat stored in the body. San Antonio plastic surgeon Jorge L. Menendez, MD, says, “The thyroid is a metabolic engine. If thyroid levels are very low, they must be corrected with thyroid replacement therapy or the weight will not come off despite all your best efforts.”

If you are concerned about your weight and believe your thyroid may be to blame, get your thyroid levels tested to see if there’s an imbalance. Eliminating foods that are quickly converted into sugar, like refined carbs and starches, will put less stress on the thyroid. Replace them with iodine-rich foods, like sea vegetables and seafood, that help aid in the production of thyroid hormone.

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  • Dr Alan Bauman
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    Good info, Dr. Menendez. Your readers might also want to know that thyroid imbalance is a common trigger for hair loss and hair shedding. Hair follicles seem to dislike high thyroid levels, low thyroid levels and even--unfortunately--thyroid replacement. Because hair shedding may also be a sign of hair GROWTH (not loss) in some cases due to the switching of resting follicles into the growth phase, it is important to have a hair loss evaluation which includes scientific bundle measurements called HairCheck Trichometry and compare these numbers over time to know what is happening. If you suspect thyroid imbalance, get those levels checked and evaluated by an endocrinologist or other hormone specialist. If there is hair shedding, hair loss or hair thinning too, seek the advice of a board-certified Hair Restoration Physician. Sincerely, Alan J. Bauman, M.D. Certified, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Bauman Medical Group

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