Beauty 101: How To Choose The Best Concealer For You

Despite its beauty staple status, concealer remains a mystery to many women who wear it. There’s always a new color-correcting option or a more natural-looking palette. But, the biggest question mark is how to choose a formula: Powder, liquid, solid…which is right for you? To help solve the age-old question, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular concealer concoctions so you don’t suffer a breakdown while trying to cover up your breakout.

Liquid concealer goes a long way and is frequently used to cover large areas. Some even provide hydration because of their consistency.
Best for: Dry skin, hiding dark under-eye circles, contouring and highlighting

Sticks and Solids
Typically the heaviest type of concealer, cream-based sticks and solids adhere well to oily skin because of their drier texture. But, if you don’t blend the formula into your skin completely, you may end up accentuating what you’re trying to cover up.
Best for: Hiding scars, dark spots and blemishes

Because of their thick base, cream concealers can be drying to some skin types and are best used as spot treatments rather than all over the face.
Best for: Under the eyes

Powder-based concealers offer light coverage and are great for frequent touch-ups. They also crease less than other options. Pro tip: Because of their consistency, powder concealers should always be applied with a brush.
Best for: Oily skin and those who need minimal coverage

Thanks to their thin points, pencils give the most precise coverage.
Best for: Highlighting the brow bone, brightening the waterline in the eyes and creating a more defined lip line