What To Do When You Don't Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep has been linked to a reduced ability to concentrate, trouble learning, decreased attention to detail and an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. Reccent studies have even tied chronic partial sleep deprivation to medical porblems, including obesity, diabetes and hypertension. 

But, if you miss out of a good night's rest, all is not lost. According to the Harvard Health Letter, daytime napping can be good for your health. A 20 to 30 minute snoooze (longer naps can cause grogginess), at a regualr time, can actually make up for the decline in sleep quality that may occur with aging. Reseachers believe that ample sleep can improve learning, memory and that a short nap during the day doesn't interfere with nighttime sleep.

Can't get the proper rest at home? We've found a solution for that too. In conjuction with Rebecca Robins, author of Sleep for Success!, the Benjamin Hotel revealed its renovation and re-launched Rest & Renew, sleep focused offerings designed to teach guests the "Golden Keys fo Sleep". A consultation with Robins, the hotel's official sleep consultant, examines guests' sleep habits and provides solutions and tools anchored in sleep medicine. Guests can order pillows from the 10-choice menu or indulge in Bedtime Bites, low-protein and sugar snacks that tide the body over until morning. All rooms include blackout shades and doulble-glazed windows to keep out the noise. Rates start at $520, thebenjamin.com