Better Broccoli On Shelves Soon

As children, we were told to eat our broccoli. As parents, we're passing the rule down to our own kids. We've known for years that the green veggie is famous for providing loads of nutrients and vitamins, and it can be very versatile in the kitchen-in stir-fries, salads, casseroles or on its own with a little ranch dressing. And now, scientists in the UK say they've created a new breed of the healthful vegetable that's even more nutritious.

This new-and-improved broccoli was developed to contain two to three times more glucoraphanin, a nutrient said to help against heart disease. Glucoaphanin breaks down fat, which prevents clogged arteries.

How does it taste? We haven't tried the new version, which is being sold under the name Beneforte in California and Texas, but reports tell us it has a sweeter taste since it contains less sulfur than the original. Kids everywhere just might change their minds about eating their broccoli from now on.