Shedding Strands: What's Normal?

With all of us girls in the office trying to grow long hair for our sexy summer looks, there have been many words exchanged on the topic of hair growth. We've gone ahead and done a little research and wanted to share it with you.

Long hair doesn't always come easy. If you're frustrated with the rate at which your hair grows, it's not that your hair “won't grow,” but rather that it may have reached the longest point that it can grow to, also known as the terminal length, which varies person to person. And don't freak out when your hair is shedding, it's actually a natural phase your hair goes through. It doesn't mean you're going bald! Did you know healthy hair grows in three phases?

1. The Growing Phase: It can last from two to six years and is usually genetically predetermined. The majority of hair is in the growing phase, which is why it's virtually impossible to detect when it's resting or about ready to shed and fall out.

2. The Shedding Phase: During this phase the strands are shed and new hairs grow in their place.

3. The Resting Phase: This phase occurs when the hair is in a transition period, between growing and shedding, for a couple of weeks.

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    During telogen, the resting phase, the scalp normally sheds approximately 100 telogen hairs per day. It is important to establish whether the hair is falling out from the root (which may suggest telogen effluvium, female-pattern hair loss, or alopecia areata) or breaking off along the shafts (as occurs with certain hair care practices/styles, trichotillomania, or tinea capitis). If you feel like your hair loss is excessive, an in-person consultation with a local dermatologist (with an interest in hair loss) or hair transplant surgeon is a good start.

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    This constant concern for women struggling to grow their hair or fighting for thick, luscious locks can be very defeating. It is safe to say that all women want thick, flowing hair but are often unsure of how patient they need to be, what the growing stages are, and how much shedding is normal. Therefore, we just need some calming advice. I Love this post as it definitely helps women feel better about those runaway strands they find in the shower, hair brush or even on the bathroom floor. All we need is a little reassurance that our hair isn't falling out-or at least not yet! Thanks New Beauty, you sure are the resource for all things beauty!

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