High-Tech Hairbrushes That Reduce Drying Time

We are big fans of Moroccanoil products. Naturally we had to try their new ionic ceramic tourmaline brushes. Not your ordinary hairbrush, these three brushes help create healthy, shiny hair while speeding up drying time.

Negative ions help water evaporate more quickly, helping to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle of the hair. Ceramic cores help retain and emit heat more efficiently across a wider spectrum of frequencies, so hair dries quicker. All three brushes are perfect for any kind of hair and feature a hidden sectioning tip located at the base of the handle that can be used to help part and section your hair. How cool?

One of our NewBeauty staffers is raving about the Moroccanoil XLPRO Paddle Brush, a flat, wide brush perfect for everyday use that is designed to help detangle hair while massaging the scalp. Not only did her hair dry faster than normal but the brush didn't get caught on any tangles.

  • Tracy
    Posted on

    I am a hair stylist in NJ and my clients and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Moroccan oil

  • Lucyanne tipoki
    Posted on

    Very light weight easy to use......been a stylist for over 25+ years found these brushes to be the best eva

  • jill
    Posted on

    I am so excited to see that Moroccanoil has brushes! I am hooked on their products (after getting them in thetest tube) and am going to go to my salon after work today to try to find these. thankx Daily beauty xoxoxo

  • Laura
    Posted on

    I've never really invested in a good hairbrush, this might be the one to try

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