Hollywood’S Hottest Eco-Friendly Candles

Ever wonder what décor dons the homes of actresses Jenna Elfman, Jada Pinkett Smith and Charlize Theron? You don't need to hire Tinseltown's top interior designers to tell you. All three ladies are big fans of Illume candles-a line that's as well known for its natural ingredients and rich blend of essential oils as it is for its stunning display of the delectable scents inside.

And for spring the company is rolling out a new line of stunning Boho Jar candles. Each chic and vibrant design displays playful bold patterns of bright pinks and oranges and rich greens and blues, complete with an ornate gold lid. And that's just the containers, as what's inside is equally as crave-worthy with unique blends like Amber Satsuma, Mango Jasmine, Tangerine Teakwood and Island Orchid.

Best of all, even after you've burned off the wick and wax, you can reuse the jars (and believe us, you'll want to hang on to them) as drinking glasses, table decorations, containers, and-you guessed it-candleholders again.

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