The Breakthrough Anti-Inflammatory Fruit

For quite some time, the main players in the anti-inflammatory arena have been the same few: salmon, pomegranate and green tea. But a new superfood has debuted, and some say it may be as powerful as, if not more than, the top avengers.

Known as lucama, this anti-aging superstar is a South American fruit that possess would-be healing abilities and skin-repairing effects. Commonly used as flavoring in Latin dishes and sweets, the oil of the fruit can be extracted and used topically to regenerate tissues and help re-grow cells, while also fighting the effects of inflammation.

While lucama is still hard to find on U.S. shelves, some specialty stores are incorporating it into juices, smoothies and chocolate.

  • pam
    Posted on

    thats because the ignorant medical association is so blinded by greed from the pharmacutical companies, that it refuses to acknowledge natural healing and medicinal foods and herbs, also known as eastern medicine...

  • Richard Baxter
    Posted on

    This sounds very promising but I think we need to be careful about making claims not supported by published research. There are NO published scientific articles on lucama fruit in the scientific literature at this time. The beneficial effects of acai, another fruit from South America, are better documented.

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