Get Several Benefits From A Great Glycolic Solution

The thickest moisturizer in the world won't do a thing for wrinkles if doesn't contain the right ingredients; and if anything, it'll suffocate oily skin. That's why glycolic acid is such a boon: it fights signs of aging with the extra benefit of battling breakouts.

B. Kamins, Chemist has made it especially easy to get a good dose of glycolic acid, thanks to their Glycolic-10 formula. This light liquid contains a 10% glycolic acid solution, enhanced by the brand's signature Bio Maple compound, which goes right to work exfoliating away the look of lines and discoloration.

We love the fuzzy, built-in applicator-it reminds us of one of those bingo daubers! You simply apply the tip of the bottle right to your face, spreading it along the areas that need its age-undoing power most.

And those with blemish-prone skin will see the extra advantages of Glycolic-10, thanks to its ability to unclog pores before a breakout begins and improve the look of marks and scars left behind by the breakouts of yore.