A Sweet Metabolism Boost From Cinnamon

Cinnamon may be one of the traditional spices of the season, but it can speed up your metabolism all year round.

Try adding cinnamon to your morning cup of coffee. Not only does it add an extra boost of flavor, it also levels out your sugar metabolism, meaning it causes your stomach to empty food slower than usual, so your blood sugar doesn't spike. When your blood sugar levels are stable, you're less likely to binge or crave sweet foods.

And unless you're allergic, there's no limit to how much cinnamon you can use. (However, we advise against trying a popular internet dare called the “cinnamon challenge,” in which people attempt to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without getting sick. There are much more pleasant ways to get the benefits of this spice!)

A few other options? Try sprinkling cinnamon on fruit, like apples, or adding it to green tea or even fruit smoothies.

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  • Asians have been taking this for Years
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    Well at least my ancestors. My Great grandmother showed me about herbs and spices and she was very much into natural remedies. My grandmother now, is 84yrs old and LITERALLY NO winkles. Her skin is smooth and milky like my 10 yr old daughter. Attributes are to things such as cinnamon. Maybe I have a high tolerance, but I have been taking a tablespoon for years sometimes 3 times a day, in all my teas, yogurts, oatmeal and you name it along with a tbls of tumeric, and 1 teaspoon cayenne. This may sound weird, but my craves a variety of things that I've learned to combine into one meal in the morning. I warm up oatmeal and add yogurt. 1/2 oatmeal w/extra water microwave for 2 minutes 4 oz greek yogurt 0% fat 1 tblsp sugar free pudding, vanilla or choco 1 tblsp spenda 6 0z frozen blueberries and it thaws nicely into the cooked oatmeal 1/4 banana cut into pieces 1 tsp cayenne pepper for that added kick and boost fat loss 1 tblsp tumeric 1 tblsp cinnamon, fresh grounded, poweder or vietnamese. I mixed them all together some cold water because I like mine less thick consistency 1 tblsp Spirulina Organic Sometimes I put a dallop of creamer in such as creme brulee or sweet cream if over did the cayenne pepper and it's hot and voila! Literally it doesn't look normal, but it' taste delicious and my 15 yr Loves it. I make hers into a smoothie though. But this keeps you going and has all the health benefits you need. I put the yogurt and blueberries in the hot oatmeal to cool it off, because spirulina's health benefits diminish in heat so make sure your oatmeal is cooled off.

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