What Are Those Little Red Spots?

If you have them, you know what we're talking about. They look like tiny, red blood blisters, and they crop up in the strangest places: your chest, arms, back, face, torso, thighs, etc. They don't seem to go away and some may even look like they're getting bigger. And once they appear, they seem to keep popping up.

Called cherry hemangiomas or cherry angiomas, these spots are essentially broken blood vessel endings visible on the surface of your skin. Although the cause isn't completely understood, some experts believe they are often the result of weakened skin, namely the loss of collagen that occurs as we age.

There are more effective treatment options than ever before: light and non-ablative laser therapies like pulsed dye laser or IPL can safety seal off the vessels and make those little spots disappear. However, while the spots you have can be permanently erased in a single treatment, additional spots can develop.

Although it's not a foolproof, you can also help your skin avoid additional spots by nourishing it with antioxidants and protecting it from sun and free-radical damage.