The Beauty Of First-Class Kabuki Brushes

As a teenager, I was the quintessential theater nerd. Back then, if someone said "kabuki," I'd assume they meant the centuries-old, exaggerated, Japanese style of drama. However, now that I'm a beauty editor, the word-association game has changed, and like any beauty buff, "kabuki" now elicits thoughts of makeup brushes.

Kabuki brushes are often the most expensive, premium-quality brushes in a brand's collection, and fans of its shape insist they're worth every penny. That's definitely true of the two Kabuki Brushes offered by Youngblood.

The plump, rounded cluster of high-quality fibers make both the small and large Kabuki Brush virtually mistake-proof. The large brush is perfect for face powder, while the small brush makes blush application a breeze.

And I'm pleased to report that Youngblood's Kabuki Brushes never result in the makeup look made famous by kabuki theater!