Organic Body Creams For Kids

Have you ever noticed that moisturizing takes a big pause during childhood? As babies, our parents slather lotion all over our little bodies, and as teens or adults, we pick up the healthy habit again on our own. But during those elementary school years, we go largely unmoisturized.

We know plenty of "big girls" who'd love to apply lotion alongside their moms, and 100% Pure has created a collection of Yummy Ice Cream Body Creams to make that possible without making you share your grownup goods.

Part of their Organic Kids line, these nourishing body creams are completely natural and made with multiple organic ingredients, like vanilla, rosemary, oregano, thyme, lavender, and avocado, cocoa and shea butters. Each "flavor"-Strawberry, Vanilla, and our favorite, Mint Chocolate Chip-smells ridiculously delicious.

In fact, they smell so good and hydrate so well, you might find yourself sharing after all!