Revive Lost Volume With A Topical Filling Formula

Think fat loss is always a good thing? As you age, too much of that good thing can lead your face to look saggy and skeletal, with exaggerated wrinkles where volume has disappeared. Injectables can help restore youthful fullness, but if you're not at ease with that idea, a new Osmotics breakthrough may offer the ideal answer.

Lipofill sounds like a new injectable procedure, but it's actually a sophisticated serum that employs the same hyaluronic acid found in syringes. With the help of peptides, vitamins C and E, polymers, tribehenin, and extracts of rye seed, southernwood, and oat, this topical concoction plumps up lacking areas like nasolabial folds, cheeks and under-eye hollows. It has even been shown to boost subcutaneous fat renewal for natural restoration.

Even if you are willing to undergo injectable fillers, you may find this formula to be the perfect supplement to your treatments, potentially extending the time between them while firming your facial contours.

Did we say facial contours? Silly us. Lipofill can be used anywhere lost fat has lead to a skeletal, slack appearance-that means the back of your hands, too! Try applying it to your right hand for a few weeks but not to your left and see the difference for yourself.