Holistic Wrinkle Help From Across The Pond

Some skincare products are worth a little extra searching and finessing in order to get your hands on their effects. Joshi's Holistic Skincare Face & Neck Serum is one of these desirable formulas.

Created by British osteopathologist Dr. Nish Joshi, who has long combined western and eastern medical approaches-especially Ayurveda-into his celebrity-favored detox plans, Face & Neck Serum employs rosewater, glycerin, algae and hyaluronic acid to ensure your most seen sections look youthful.

The hydrating, protein-rich gel causes a collagen boost that, consequently, firms and lifts. Refreshingly light, it fights wrinkles and fine lines with fewer ingredients than many other products, but with noticeably more efficiency.

The aforementioned lengths you must go to in order to get Face & Neck Serum involve finding a vendor willing to ship internationally, as Joshi's Holistic Skincare is not currently sold in the US. Ironically, the official website states they don't currently ship outside of the UK, but we have it on good authority that you can order through Dr. Joshi's clinic website instead.

Trust us, it's worth the retail roundabout!