Stop Expression Lines While You Sleep

As we get older, our everyday facial expressions threaten to leave their mark more and more. But even if you practice looking as deadpan as possible, your face continues to move at night. (Have you ever watched your partner or even your dog facially react to a dream? You do it, too.)

Because we never stop making faces, Kumaara made sure their Overnight Repair Complex has included Syn-ake, which mimics snake venom in order to relax the muscles that lead to expression lines. But Syn-ake isn't the only trademarked peptide in this rejuvenating night cream. It also boasts wrinkle-repairing Dermaxyl and collagen-defending Sepilift.

Despite these powerful anti-aging components, we think the most impressive ingredient in Overnight Repair Complex is a lowercase blend of certified-organic gooseberry, goji berry and acai berry. This trio proves that Mother Nature wants to protect your skin, as demonstrated by their free-radical-fighting capabilities.

We love anything that brings the forest and the lab together, especially if it means our skin looks like it has more of what Kumaara means in Sanskrit: youth.