Leave-In Conditioner Like No Other

With so many dry shampoos hitting the hair-care market-and thriving-it was inevitable: dry conditioner has arrived.

First to make a blip on our radar is the easy-to-use, delicately-scented Shuga Leave-in Conditioner. Inside an environmentally-friendly aerosol atomizer is a nanotechnology-driven complex of yogurt powder, milk, and plant sugars, as well as antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. On wet hair, it aids in detangling; while on dry hair, it adds silicone-free shine. Either way, it helps repair frayed cuticles and keep hair fresh.

An extra bonus: UV protection. Sprayed on before going outside, Shuga Leave-in Conditioner shields strands-and its color-from the effects of the sun.

We could definitely get used to a trend like this!