Going Bananas For A Natural Body Butter

You don't have to insist on natural, paraben-free products to appreciate the mouthwatering awesomeness that is banana shea body butter from green by nature. Anyone with skin and a nose is bound to become utterly addicted.

Super-rich and deliciously-scented, banana shea body butter is 97.6% natural and 100% void of parabens. What it does include, however, are skin-loving oils (sesame, pistachio, grapeseed, rose hip, etc.), vitamins C and E, and-aside from obvious naturals like the titular banana and shea butter-beeswax, cocoa butter, bitter orange and honey. Each component offers an individual benefit, and together, combined rewards.

Even if the body butter didn't have that much to offer-and in such a healthy way-we'd still be drawn to it's total yumminess and the way it makes our skin amazingly soft.