Fight Static With Better Blow-Drying Skills

A dip in temperatures, as well as over-conditioning or product buildup, can bring on static, which can cause friction between the strands. This is why the perfect blowout requires not only the skill and right set of tools, but knowledge of how to style hair to prevent static and keep hair looking sleek.

Try applying a blow-drying lotion or styling product to your hair while it's still wet-any product that changes the charge of your hair will help fight static. Then, make sure you blow-dry your hair down the shaft only, because this is natural growth pattern of the cuticle. Ideally, use a static-specific ionic blow dryer, which balances hair's electrical charge.

Whatever you do, don't spray your brush with hairspray or oil before drying as a means of controlling stray strands. This will cause your hair to become stiff and hard to manage.