New Thigh-Shaping Sessions

Making a major blip on our radar right now is VelaShape, and new non-invasive device aimed at improving your thighs' overall appearance. The technology promises smoothed-out cellulite and circumferential reduction-read: thinner thighs-in a month.

Created in Israel, VelaShape requires four treatments, each set one week apart, in order to get a noticeable difference in size and texture, but some patients report seeing a difference after just one session. The device, which must be administered by a physician, is massaged over the area, and most people feel a heated sensation as it's worked along their body.

VelaShape is FDA-cleared for temporary reduction of cellulite and thigh circumference, so its makers, Syneron, recommend following up with one or two treatments per month. Eating right and exercising couldn't hurt, either.

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