An Addictive Exfoliating Body Butter Bar

I couldn't resist trying Lush's hardcore body scrub You Snap The Whip, rumored to have the ability to bring even the most difficult skin under control. When I received the body butter bar, I was intimidated by its dark color and ingredients like ground-up charcoal. I was worried that You Snap The Whip
would only do my sensitive skin harm. After a month of just looking at the neatly wrapped bar, I forced myself to use it.

I was pleasantly surprised by its delicious and addictive scent of black currant and cherry-scented macadamia nut. Although it's grittier than some of the other Lush exfoliants I've tried, it was very gentle yet highly effective at sloughing off flakes. I was convinced that the charcoal would strip my skin of all moisture, but once again, I was wrong. I won't be surprised if I'm able to forego my usual post-shower moisturizer if I use this during the summer.