Reverse The Effects Of Hormones On Aging Skin

When we think about the visible effects of aging on our skin, most of us automatically blame them on culprits like environmental offenders (smoking, pollution, etc.) and natural factors like gravity (gee, thanks, Isaac Newton). During the years surrounding menopause, however, our skin is just as vulnerable to hormonal changes as the rest of our bodies.

Lancôme's Absolue Premium ßx Absolute Replenshing Lotion was created with these bodily changes in mind, and their laboratories claim it will raise the bar when it comes to fighting their effects on aging skin. The lotion boasts two factors, one patented, in its efforts to transform not only skin, but skin replenishment itself.

First, there's Pro-Xylane, which is a molecule that can make the effects of aging appear repaired by means of replenished moisture. Then, there's their trademarked Bio-Network, which actually boosts the performance of Pro-Xylane through naturally good-for-you ingredients like wild yam, soy, barley and sea algae (that almost sounds like a vegan meal until the algae part).

Within four weeks, the promise is rejuvenation, clarity, and much-needed moisture.