Keep Color Bright Between Salon Appointments

Because of the holidays, I had put off my trip to the salon, styling my hair, trying to disguise the tell-tale signs of the I-missed-my-last-coloring-appointment. I knew that I was going to need to find a color-enhancer/intensifier shampoo and conditioner that could carry me through the first couple of days of the year. When I heard that Davines had a product line in my area, I jumped at the chance to try both shampoo and conditioner on my reddish-brown hair.

The results? Let's just say that I'm glad that I usually don't rely on first impressions. If so, I would have dismissed this product line right away.

My first impressions, of the negative variety included:
Heavy glass containers? Ugh! Not in my shower.
Reddish-pink colors? How does that make my hair more reddish-brown?
Staining? The total down-side of colored shampoos and conditioners.
Rose-scented? I am SO not a rose-scented woman.

Beyond the first impressions, this is what happened:
I used it for four days, every day.
I became affectionate towards the scent. It grew on me.
My hair looked shinier.
My color took on a new life.
Most importantly, when returning to work after the holiday break, I had co-workers making comments right away about my hair.

Feedback I got:
Your hair is so shiny!
Did you add highlights?
How did you manage to avoid the winter frizzies?
Who's your hair stylist?

Although Davines Alchemic System product line isn't one I intend to use on a day to day basis, I now know what I should be reaching for when I find myself in the same bind again.

Davines Alchemic System also comes in the following colors: Tobacco, Chocolate, Golden, Copper, and Silver.