I Need to Talk to Someone About This Lip Oil

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
It's a deeply nourishing, avocado oil–packed product that instantly revitalizes chapped, dehydrated lips while providing a touch of plumping and a whole lot of “zing” via peppermint.

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If You Want to Know More:
Luxury lip products are typically lost on me. Dishing out more than $5 on a lip treatment? I’ll pass. Stockpiling ChapStick? Count me in. Sure, dry lips during the colder months are a constant issue, but how much do we really need to shell out to successfully treat it?

The official answer: $32, precisely the cost of Uma Oil’s new Absolute Anti-Aging Lip Oil.

To say this tiny vial delivers results quickly is an understatement—the oil-based treatment literally works on contact to erase dryness, dead skin (sorry) and pretty much every winter-still-too-cold-spring-day's lip issue you could possibly encounter. It’s hydrating without being greasy, botanical—hello lavender and geranium essential oils!—without being overwhelming, and pretty much perfect.

There’s also a pinch of peppermint in the mix, which creates a sort of old-school plumping effect while keeping the entire mouth area fresh and primed for other products like lipstick.

Full disclosure: I would spend even more on this product (regardless of my luxe lip product price tag aversion) because it’s just not worth suffering through any time of year with cracked, borderline-painful lips.