There's a Cheaper Alternative to Whole Foods for Organic Produce, and It's a Store You Probably Already Love

For years, Whole Foods has been the place to go to find the crème de la crème of fresh, organic vegetables outside of a farmers market. And while many other grocery stores have tried to one up Whole Foods and dominate the industry, few have been able to. But recently, earnings reports surprisingly put Costco, the bulk discount supplier, ahead of Whole Foods with a reported $4 billion in organic food sales last year compared to $3.6 billion that was raked in by Whole Foods.

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Rumors have always swirled around the freshness of Costco’s produce department and whether or not their items were really organic or not. By the looks of it, the American consumer is picking Costco over the pricey Whole Foods. For starters, the price of organic food at Costco versus Whole Foods is dramatically less. And everyone wants good quality food at a lower price point.

But that’s not all. Costco has plans to set up its own organic chicken farms over the next few years and supports independent farms, as well as promotes small, emerging, sustainable brands.

So, next time you write out your grocery list and decide to visit your regular grocery store (or local Whole Foods), think twice about what it’s going to really cost you.