Madonna's New Magnetic Mask Is Coming to the U.S. Soon

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Luxe skin care line MDNA Skin is kind of off-the-radar. It’s pretty small, only available in Japan and Hong Kong and has a strong celebrity name backing it up that you may have heard of—as in the one-and-only Madonna.

And now, according to Instagram, Madge may be ready to share her secret with the rest of us. In a post that demonstrates the line’s very cool-looking Chrome Clay Mask in action, Madonna says that “we want this product” and that it will be coming soon to the U.S. (She coins it “no muss-no fuss” and it appears that she's using a magnet to take off the product.)

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In a separate video, Madonna explains that the gray-hued mask is actually a magnetic one that uses clay from the Montecatini mountains in Italy with healing properties that make it “hydrating, rejuvenating and purifying.”

Update 8/17/17: The line is launching on on Sept. 26.