Unicorn Eyeliner Is the Newest Makeup Trend Sweeping Social Media

From transforming the classic black eyeliner flick into knives, bows and candy canes, this year has definitely been the year to forgo everything we thought we knew about a cat’s eye (or eye makeup in general). The newest liner trend to keep an eye on? Unicorn eyeliner, which is nothing short of magical.

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The idea behind the craze is to replace a liner flick with a unicorn’s horn, following it out past your eye, just like you would with your usual black pen or pencil when creating a dramatic look. Aside from how fun the looks are, the best part of this trend is that there are so many options to play it up. Some horns are black or white with one accentuating color while other options are completely filled with pigment and make it feel like it’s already spring time. Some even flaunt colored-in brows to complete the look! Makeup mavens are posting their pastel-colored creations all over social media, and though we don’t all have time to transform our lids into magical masterpieces complete with glitter and shadows in every color under the rainbow each morning, we do have time to marvel at the handiwork. Check out some of our favorites below. 

Maybe the unicorn makeup should be left to the professionals... #unicorneyeliner #missionsparklyrainbowunicorn

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Unicorn liner 🦄 #follow #Seattle #everett #makeup #makeupartist #freelance #linerart #unicornliner

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