Margot Robbie’s Red-Carpet Relaxation Tip Is SO Good

Image/Weston Wells

Margot Robbie may look impeccable when she hits the red carpet, but as the 26-year-old told Coveteur, she relies on a very fine-tuned relaxation technique to get her ready.

“To counteract nerves before an event or red carpet, I drink a glass of champagne. I don’t get ready on my own in dead silence because then I'm a basket case of nerves by the time I get there. I always have like six of my girlfriends over and they always bring champagne, so we have a glass of bubbles and chat. If I'm getting my makeup done, I can't really be chatting but just listening to everyone's stories and focusing on other people’s s#$@ instead of your own helps.”

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Another secret? Perfume. (Robbie is also the face of Calvin Klein Euphoria.) “I always feel better and more confident when I’m wearing perfume,” she told Coveteur. “When I first smelled Euphoria, I wasn’t sure I was going to start wearing it, but then I had the bottle and I kept wearing it and getting compliments on it. Now I really like it, I smell a bit of rose but it also has muskiness, to keeps it more subtle. It's not too overbearing and it feels feminine enough without being sweet. I'm not super girly, but I still like having a feminine side. I want my boyfriend to be like, ‘Oh you smell good.’ It's also one of those perfumes that both guys and girls like the smell of.” 

Image/Weston Wells