The Conditioning Mask That Will Change Your Life

There’s a difference between a good conditioner and a great conditioner. A good conditioner will leave your hair somewhat soft and you’ll be able to get a brush through it. A great conditioner will leave your hair feeling like silk, supershiny and rivaling the effects of an in-salon treatment.

I thought I had tested out pretty much all of the great conditioners out there. But I was wrong. While it’s technically a mask, although I like to use it as a conditioner every time I wash my hair (leaving it on for about 10 minutes before washing it out), Davines Minu Hair Mask ($32) supersedes the title of great conditioner, earning status of ‘life changing’ in my book.

Ideal for color treated hair—mine definitely sees it’s fair share of bleach—this Italian made creamy mask completely eliminates dryness and dullness and makes split ends seem magically repaired even if you use it just once. Personally, I’m obsessed with its clean scent and how soft and silky my hair is every time I use it. If I’m out of the mask or skip using it, I can see a major difference—not in a good way—in the way my hair looks and acts.

For as many products as I try out on a regular basis, this one seems to stay in constant rotation.

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