Angelina Jolie's Edgy to Elegant Makeover

"There are certain women whose beauty becomes more defined and iconic as they age and Angelina Jolie is one of them," says skin-care expert Jan Marini. And she is right. Jolie has gone from a punky round-faced teen to one of the most elegantly styled and graceful women in Hollywood. Here is what's changed about the philanthropist/actress/wife/mother with it all.


It's gone from non-existent (she literally had a shaved head) to long and black (who can forget the Elvira-inspired Oscar moment) and now finally, to a long, honey-colored hairstyle, which suits her skin tone perfectly. "I love her medium brown hair with the toffee highlights. I like to see candy colors like toffee and chocolate, not fruit tones like tomato and cherry," says Lisa Chiccine, a New York City celebrity stylist.


Angelina has always had beautiful, glowing skin. And Bakersfield, CA, facial plastic surgeon Edmund Fisher, MD, says certain skin-care ingredients can achieve such a beautiful face. "Antioxidants are important elements of a good skin-care system as they offer photo-protection, chemoprevention and anti-inflammatory properties. They disarm damaging free radicals which form as a result of ongoing cell metabolism and environmental and photodamage.

As for Angelina's iconic lips, they have stayed luscious and defined even as she continues to age. While hers are a gift from Mother Nature, it is possible to achieve natural-looking pillow lips like hers. Englewood, CO, facial plastic surgeon Michael Menachof, MD, stresses that taking a look at the normal anatomy of what lips look like is key. "Angelina Jolie’s lips are a perfect example. The lower lip has a groove in the middle, the upper lip and lower lip are not the same size, and they move. That’s what you want: soft, supple lips."