A Salt Substitute That Calms Carb Cravings

Not just limited to flavoring food, spices and herbs can boost the effects of your diet and overall health-and some even have special skin-care benefits. “They're often ignored, but the benefits of both herbs and spices should be explored,” says Los Angeles nutritionist Amy Piacentino. “They can be used internally and externally for nutritional benefits, healing properties, relaxation and soothing.”

What are the benefits behind spices?

Upgrade without the calories. “Spices take an ordinary food or dish and turn it into something extraordinary by adding vitamins, color, flavor and often medicinal properties,” says Piacentino.

Improve metabolism. Because the majority of spices are rich in nutrients, they also naturally increase your body's metabolism

Yield quick results. “Once you substitute spices for salt, you'll no longer have excessive bloating and water retention, and you can see results in less than one week,” says Piacentino. “It also lessens cravings for carbs because you're not yearning for a ‘salty taste.'”

Make you feel fuller. Some spices and herbs make you feel full, so you'll eat less. A study showed that, when you consume half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes before each meal, it decreases your calorie consumption.