A Noninvasive Procedure That Tones Muscle and Eliminates Fat

Photo Credits: Max4e Photo/ Shutterstock | Image Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

Unwanted fat can be frozen, melted, tightened and eliminated from our bodies in little to no time with help from in-office procedures, treatments and liposuction, but unless fat is injected to the area, the muscle underneath is always left untouched. BTL EMSCULPT is the first and only technology to use high-intensity electromagnetic energy to tone muscle and eliminate excess fat for a more sculpted figure. Even better, studies show improvements continue for up to three months post-treatment. During each 30-minute session, an applicator is placed over the abdomen, love handles or butt (2 applicators are used for buttocks to treat both cheeks simultaneously) as noninvasive HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology destroys fat cells and induces tiny contractions to the nearby muscles. The result: a more toned physique without hitting the gym.