TikTok’s Fake Tan Line Trend Is Dividing the Beauty Community

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The latest trend picking up speed in the beauty space on TikTok is a bit controversial for viewers. It might be taking “sun-kissed” a little too far, but thankfully it’s accomplishing that without the sun damage.

Despite the plethora of tips and hacks that promise to eliminate tan lines, now TikTokers are recreating the look of them with makeup. If you never thought you’d see the day when tan lines became trendy, you’re not alone.

Many commenters point out that they’ve spent their lives trying to avoid harsh tan lines, and it’s hard to imagine taking the time to put bronzer on your chest to make it look like you’ve just been tanning. But maybe there’s something to be said for how outdoorsy it can make you look. You can make it seem like you’ve just been tanning out on the yacht, like your life is relaxing enough that you actually have the time to lounge in the sun.

According to commenters, it’s very en vogue in areas like Brazil to flaunt your tan lines. While this trend may seem counterintuitive when most of our energy has been focused on minimizing tan lines, they instead can be seen as a mark of your summer, your time at the beach, your sun-kissed glow. A tan line can show how far your skin evolved in its summer tan and can be a mark of pride. Many suggested swapping out the makeup for a more permanent self-tanner to keep the look lasting as long as the summer does.

It kind of harkens back to the fake freckle trend, trying to recreate the look of what is ultimately sun damage without the actual damage. It’s certainly better for your skin than actually tanning.

If you can’t get enough of that tan summer-glow, this little hack might be for you.

All you need is some tape, bronzer and blush. TikTok creator Erin Dugan Jurchak demonstrates just how easy it can be. Just tape off the spot you want to look like a swimsuit line, and brush on bronzer and blush over that to create the illusion of straps. The combination of both will give you that deep tan look with the authentic hint of sunburn-red from a fresh sit in the sun. Once you peel the tape off, simply blend the edges with your fingers to dissolve the harsh lines.

You’re left with the impression of swimsuit straps and a little extra bronzy glow to your chest that makes it look like you’ve spent the day tanning. Pair this with a soft hint of blush over your cheeks and nose for an all-over sun-kissed look.

While most of us are probably going to keep trying to reduce the look of tan lines wherever they appear, this can be a fun way to add a little extra glow.

Honestly, if tan lines are your thing, this hack is a safe and sun-free way to get the look without the damage. And we’re all for staying sun safe.

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