The Bachelor’s Tayshia Adams Says All the Women on Set Used This Skin-Care Product

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A fan favorite on Season 23 of The Bachelor (Colton Underwood’s go) and rumored to be involved in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette (premiering next week), Tayshia Adams is the woman of the hour. A longtime fan of the franchise, I was excited to meet Adams over Zoom this week, and let me just say, she’s exactly what you see on TV: fun, energetic, down to earth—and yes, her teeth really are that white (maybe even whiter!). Here, the reality star dishes on the beauty products she swears by, her first experience with lip filler and the skin-care treatment she recently tried for the first time that she can’t stop raving about.

Did your experiences on TV change your perception of beauty?
I’d have to say no. I think that comes from myself and how I was raised and how I view my beauty versus comparing myself to other people. I could see as to how you can get really overwhelmed being surrounded by a lot of gorgeous people and feeling the pressure of having to look like this, and like that, and she has this and she has that and you don’t, but I think the best thing to highlight is that you’re in the same room they are and you’re just as beautiful as they are.

I’ve always loved playing with makeup and skin care and all that stuff. Am I the world’s best makeup artist? Absolutely not! But do I like to research what’s going to work for me? Absolutely. I have such sensitive skin and my hair is different from other people—not even that, everything is different than other people. I just find what’s best for me.

I also went to an all-girls high school, so maybe that had something to do with it you know what I mean? We never got ready for school every day. I mean, if you wore makeup, it was kind of like why are you wearing makeup today, what boy is picking you up today? You do not care what your uniform looks like. It’s the best—you just roll out of bed and go to school.

Did you learn any beauty tips or tricks from other women on set that have stuck with you?
I will say there are a lot of products we’ve been introduced to or that we all kind of shared. One in particular that I picked up while being on The Bachelor was Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. We all started using that. We did A LOT of face masks! (Because there was nothing else to do sometimes!) Lots of hair masks. But I will say the Mario product is something I’ve constantly kept in my beauty closet and have backups of when I need them and it’s with me when I travel. It just works really well.

What are some other beauty staples in your routine?
Sunscreen is something I will never skip, EVER. I don’t care if I’m just sitting in my house. I rinse my face in the morning and I put my sunscreen on. It’s just how I go. Dermalogica has a really good one. There’s Supergoop! too. I also got a Lancer one at Nordstrom—it’s expensive, but it’s phenomenal. I’m always down to try new sunscreens.

I also use SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense serum. I really love the Bobbi Brown Nourishing Face Base as a good primer and moisturizer. I also really love rose water and setting spray. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. It’s almost like putting my shoes on at this point. If I don’t put my setting spray on before I go out the door, I’ll literally run back up from downstairs to put it on and then leave. I love it—it’s like my little security blanket because it really keeps my makeup on. I used to have a travel-size bottle too, but I don’t know where that went. I’ll have to order another one.  

Also, what do you do to keep your teeth so white?!
(Laughs) Everybody says that! I don’t know, I don’t whiten them! I’ve used Sensodyne Whitening Toothpaste for, I can’t even tell you how long. I get it at Costco and that’s just that. And then I use a Philips Sonicare toothbrush, which I also get at Costco. I will say I think that makes your teeth white, just the way it brushes your teeth. I use the Sensitive mode and the Deep Clean mode, and I think the Deep Clean really makes your teeth white.

You got your lips filled for the first time this year. What was your experience like?
I did get Juvéderm Volbella; I want to say it was in December. It was my first time getting anything of that sort—I’ve never really gotten anything done aesthetically before. I was really nervous and hesitant because I didn’t want to alter my face. I wasn’t interested in that. If anything it was more so just the curiosity of giving my lips a little bit of plump. Not to change the shape or anything like that, but I felt like they looked a little deflated and dehydrated at times. My doctor said Volbella was more of a hydrating filler rather than a volumizing one. The hydration factor was an issue for me, and I just wanted a little more plumpness. I also said I didn’t want too much and she was very comforting in the fact that she said it was a lip filler that could be dissolved if I wasn’t happy down the road. That was also something that really intrigued me. And the downtime of it all. I was at home for maybe two days at the most and just iced it and it was done. And I haven’t had any issues with my lips thus far.

Has it boosted your confidence at all?
Most days I don’t wear too much makeup, but one thing I always wear is lip liner. But because lip liner can be drying at times, if you have a dehydrated lip, it doesn’t look very flattering. I will say that now I can just put my lip liner on and I feel happy and I can just walk out the door. I don’t feel like I need that gloss on top to make it look more hydrated. I am constantly looking in my phone and at the camera and all that stuff, so I do constantly see my reflection. It might be something other people don’t notice, but I do, and it’s definitely something I’m more comfortable with.

Did this experience make you want to try any other injectables or treatments in the future?
I think the only other treatment I would be interested in is probably Botox. I just turned 30 so I feel like this is the time to do it. So I’m constantly asking my doctor for that, but she hasn’t given me the green light. Something that’s very important is to go to someone that you trust and you’re comfortable. Ask all the questions you have—it was my first time and I asked all the questions and expressed all my concerns. Make sure the doctor wants a natural look for you too. There are some doctors that give that bigger, Instagram look, if you will.

Did you discover any new products or treatments over the last six months while you had more time at home? I got my first chemical peel! I can’t believe it was my first time. I wish I would have done it before because it’s so great for your skin. My skin peeled for seven days.

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