3 Unexpected Weight Loss Tricks That Work

Sometimes (very, very rarely) it’s the easiest things that can make a difference in your waistline. That’s right, there are tricks you can do that can help you lose weight and you barely have to try. Here are three to try out right now.

Drink Coffee Before Working Out
Studies have found that consuming one cup of coffee (hold the sugar and milk), an hour before your workout can help you burn about 15 percent more calories post-sweat session than you would otherwise.

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Eat Dinner on a Salad Plate
Research has found that with our expanding waistline, our plate size has increased too. That means your dinner plates (at 12 inches typically) hold too big of portions for what you should be eating at one sitting. An easy way to cut back is to simply use a smaller plate to keep portion control in check.

Just Shop the Perimeter
Most grocery stores are organized in a way that fresh produce, meats and dairy are all located on the edges of the store. Try only shopping from the outside in and see what happens. We bet you will lose a pound or two (or maybe even more!)

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