The Breakthrough Serum That's Like Botox in a Bottle

It’s a total skin-care sin to touch your face, but there is something so satisfying about doing it almost obsessively after a really good facial. For me, it’s like my skin feels so curiously foreign (in a good way)—hydrated, smooth and with some level of "bounce" that I can never quite achieve on my own, no matter what product concoctions I layer on it.

Erasa XEP 30 ($160) is the product that recreates that experience for me. It’s definitely a serum, but it’s also a concentrate, so it has the kind of formulation that feels as though it’s sinking into skin instead of being overly silky and sliding off. Beyond the way it feels and makes skin feel, it’s steeped in serious science—clinical results, a patent-pending delivery system, first-to-industry peptides, and a ton of anti-aging powerhouse ingredients that tackle not one or two signs of aging, but all of them (including inflammation, melanin production, texture and tone).