The Secret to Aging Beautifully

Maintaining optimal hydration in skin is essential for all skin types, especially mature skin. “As we age, collagen breaks down and cell turnover slows, which contributes to the look of dry, thin skin,” says New York dermatologist Julie Russak, MD. “When skin is hydrated, it looks plumper and fine lines are minimized. Overall, it ages more gracefully.”

Signs that your skin is in need of moisture include inflammation, fine lines, itchiness, redness and a tight feeling. “In the office, we offer dermaplaning—a manual exfoliation technique—and the Clear + Brilliant laser, which increases skin’s ability to soak up potent topicals for a plump, radiant look,” says Dr. Russak.

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Exfoliation can help enhance skin’s hydration because it promotes cell turnover, and products made with hyaluronic acid can help skin retain water and instantly smooth any roughness. To boost your skin's hydration levels at home, we like Nature’s Gate Papaya Lotion ($11) for its tropical-papaya scent and hydrating vitamin E–oil blend and Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma ($135) because it's formulated with three types of hyaluronic acid that hydrates not one, but three layers of skin.

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    water is most important factor for hydration so there are numerous great motivations to drink water: It's reviving, and it helps your mind capacity, keeps up vitality levels, manages body temperature, supports in assimilation, and eventually keeps your body healthy.

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    Hydration is key and essential to ones health, but especially the skin. With the harsh winter that we face in the northeast its crucial that we protect our skin accordingly. My favorite is cyto-Luxe Face cream from gloprofessional, which is packed with plant stem cells, antioxidants and hydration. Even though i have oily skin its a great treatment to nourish and replenish the skin before going out into the environment. Another favorite is hydrating b5 serum which gives your skin instant gratification. Packed with hyaluronic acid makes your skin hold moisture 1,000 times. Its like given your skin a gallon of water a day. In the very least make sure you are moisturizing your skin differently with the change in seasons. Proper hydration will get your skin looking and acting healthy and young and ready to face the day. As always follow @SKINCAREXPERT for more fantastic tips!

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