4 Reasons Hyperpigmentation Is On The Rise

1. More birth control is being prescribed

Many doctors correlate the surge in hyperpigmentation to things like birth control and hormone replacement therapy. “The recent increase in birth control usage may be a reason for the rise in hyperpigmentation in women. The sudden shifts of hormones can cause hyperpigmentation to form,” says New York dermatologist Amy B. Lewis, MD.

2. Sunscreen still isn’t worn daily

Despite the fact that sun protection is necessary daily, not every American wears sunscreen every day of the year, which is another reason for the influx of skin discoloration. “The increased social and cultural trend of tanning is another reason why hyperpigmentation is on the rise,” says Minneapolis, MN, dermatologist Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD.

3. Some diseases can affect skin tone

One side effect of diabetes can be hyperpigmentation, especially on the neck. Older women who are diagnosed with diabetes often notice discoloration on this part of the body.

4. Population changes

Miami dermatologist Flor A. Mayoral, MD, notes that there are more people living in the U.S. than ever before with darker skin tone. “Hyperpigmentation is more likely to happen in those that have higher numbers of pigment-producing cells in their skin.”

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    Chemical sunscreens allow the sun rays to enter your skin and the heat from that can cause hyper pigmentation. Use physical sunscreens that block the sun. So basically most products and sunscreen we use do not prevent this. Zinc oxide is the best sunscreen protection.

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    Hyperpigmentation is a serious matter - AND not an easy one to correct - Way too many patients do not understand the importance of DAILY SPF usage. Daily means every single day regardless of whether or not its warm out, or you are going to be exposed to the sun or not - Those with more fair skin do not understand the urgency and importance of this very easy and quick daily step - too many of the patients with darker skin complexion still believe they are "born" with SPF and since they are not going to the beach SPF is not necessary - I cannot stress enough the URGENCY of DAILY SPF usage - I have treated patients from all walks of life including dermatologists who have serious hyper pigmentation - The other reality is, the darker the skin, the deeper the pigmentation will have reached by the time is visible to the naked yet on the skin surface - Which means MONTHS and MONTHS of skin treatments, peels, lasers, topics creams and etc - AND do not be fooled into thinking oh yeah my makeup has SPF - THAT is not considered SPF on my book but simply an added layer of protection and not enough protection especially for those living in warmer climates or southern states - Protect yourself and your friends! For more useful beauty tips follow me @SKINCAREXPERT - See you soon!!!! :-)

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