Running Vs. Walking: Which Is Best?

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Losing weight isn’t easy and as we all know, proper diet and exercise is the best way to shed those extra pounds. But the kind of exercise you’re doing matters. And we hear that if you’re trying to slim down, running provides much better results than walking.

A new study compared weight loss and weight control in runners and walkers over the course of six years. Both the runners and walkers lost weight but the runners lost significantly more.

"Running is more effective than walking in preventing weight gain and achieving weight loss," says Paul Williams, a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. Running is metabolic, which is why it can produce more weight loss. "If you exercise vigorously like running, your metabolic rate remains elevated after the exercise," Williams says. "For walkers, much less so."

For those that hate to run, try other aerobic exercise that like running, increase your metabolic rate like swimming and cycling. And remember, any exercise, including walking, is better than no exercise at all. "We show weight loss benefit with walking; the benefits just aren't as great as with running,” Williams adds.

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  • Katrina Schenfield
    Posted on

    After 17 years I gave up running just this last year. I had a baby and the strain on my body from pregnancy, birth and now taking care of my kid has caused chronic back problems due to inflammation and muscle strain. I hate not being able to run, but with walking I still lose weight, feel great and enjoy the sun on my face.

  • gigi
    Posted on

    I never really enjoyed running,I really need to get loose about 10 lbs though .I guess if I walk bout a couple miles a day I may be able to accomplish it.

  • D
    Posted on

    I love running

  • AnonymousMoi
    Posted on

    I prefer to run/walk, but after reading several comments from dermatologists, that after age 40, running leads to facial sagging, I have only been walking.

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