Lessen The Look Of Embarrassing Facial Fuzz

Everyone's got a little peach fuzz on their face, but some of us are a fuzzier than others. When hair looks a little too dark or feels a little too course, there's an excellent non-prescription option for toning it down from a top hair-removal maestro.

You needn't live near a Completely Bare spa to have heard of them, and luckily, you don't have to make an appointment or even step out the door to enjoy the benefits of one of their best treatments-it's in a bottle. Completely Smooth for Face uses a naturally-derived ingredients that help make hair less dense and, therefore, less noticeable.

By using it twice a day-it's so easy to add it to your morning and nighttime routine-you'll eventually notice you're reaching for wax or depilatories a lot less. Smoother, finer and slower to grow, that not-so-peachy fuzz finally becomes a nonissue for once.