These Microneedling Patches Just Launched on Sephora Yesterday and They're Already Sold Out

Photo Credits: Peace Out

Solutions-based Peace Out prides itself on taking the "scary" out of skincare and, based on the brand's latest launch, it's pretty evident Sephora consumers aren't scared at all.

The brand rolled out Peace Out Wrinkles Microneedling Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Patches ($28) yesterday morning exclusively on and and, by day's end, the dissolving patches were sold out on the Peace Out site—and quickly earned a 100-percent approval rating slot on Sephora. 

How they work: The cocktail-of-actives, anti-aging "patches" are applied to clean skin and you sort of "press" them in to let the 450 hyaluronic acid microneedles go into action to deliver a mix of peptides, retinol and vitamin C to wherever your skin needs it most. I used them underneath my eyes and across my forehead and my sensitive skin could definitely feel them "working," but I wasn't left with any redness.

If you weren't fast enough to snag a set, don't despair: They'll be available January 10 at Sephora nationwide and (bonus!) they will be available again on come December 19.