Botox-Maker Allergan Just Acquired a Revolutionary New Neuromodulator

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How much is fast-acting Botox worth? 

The answer is $195 million, according to today’s news that Allergan is acquiring Bonti Inc, makers of a new neuromodulator, EB-001, that is being developed for both cosmetic and therapeutic use. EB-001, will be a new player in the neuromodulator market, with the key differences of taking effect within 24 hours and lasting about two to four weeks. Current FDA-approved neuromodulators available in the U.S.—Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin—take roughly a week before patients see a reduction of lines and wrinkles and last for a three to six-month period before wearing off. 

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The product is currently in Phase II clinical trials and contains both an aesthetic (EB-001A) program and a therapeutic (EB-001T) program. Bonti recently announced positive topline results from their first clinical trial demonstrating safety and efficacy of the toxin in treating glabellar (11) lines. Last month, the company also released positive data showing that EB-0001A could be effective for scar reduction after Mohs surgery. On the therapeutic side, EB-0001T is currently being tested for pain reduction.

“The acquisition of Bonti is a strategic investment for the future of our medical aesthetics business and has the potential to enhance our best-in-class Medical Aesthetics pipeline,” says Allergan CEO Brent Saunders in a press release. “With the Medical Aesthetics market vastly expanding, a fast-acting neurotoxin with a two- to four-week duration will be an attractive option for consumers, particularly those who are considering a medical aesthetics treatment for the first time.” 

In other words, if you’re curious to give neuromodulators a try without fully committing to a months-long duration, there soon may be an option available. 

  • Simone
    Posted on

    If they bruise you while inserting it the bruise is going to take 2 weeks to fade..

  • Sunnie Brown
    Posted on

    It saddens me that we continue to look at invasive chemicals and neurotoxins to help "improve our appereance" you are putting way more at risk to look younger.

  • Annonymous
    Posted on

    Allergan already had this technology pre- acquisition with Activis. The founders of this technology are all former Allergan employees. Allergan essentially bought something they had already been developing years ago and chose to stop the project.

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