The Surprising Body Part a Facial Plastic Surgeon Says Droops Once You Hit Your 30s

Photo Credits: Adriana Nikolova/ Shutterstock | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

Kris Jenner’s earlobe-reduction surgery generated quite the stir when it hit the reality-TV airwaves. She said the size of her ears were something she was self-conscious over. Her doctor said the fix was a simple 30-minute procedure. And, in the middle of it all, most viewers were shocked to learn this kind of solution even existed. 

Amidst all the buzz, Richmond, VA facial plastic surgeon Michael Godin, MD says cosmetic ear-related surgeries have actually been needed by patients at a regular rate over the years. 

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“Otoplasty generally refers to re-shaping the ear, especially the upper two-thirds,” he explains. "Earlobe reduction [like Jenner had] is what it sounds like and is generally done in aging patients, especially during facelift."

Even if you aren’t in the market for a facelift, Dr. Godin warns that our ear lobes tend to noticeably droop as we get out of our 40s and—gasp—even as early as our 30s. (Like with the face, you can blame that sneaky culprit of collagen loss.) “A reduction can reverse that,” he says.