Low Calorie Wine Is Finally Here Thanks to Weight Watchers

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Love to drink wine but don’t love the calories that come along with a glass of your favorite Pinot or Chardonnay? Well, wine-os of the world unite because Weight Watchers has you covered. The diet conglomerate recently announced the introduction of Cense, a low-calorie Sauvignon Blanc that purportedly has fewer points (read: the Weight Watcher way of counting calories) than your average glass of wine. Rather than containing four points, like most wines, Cense (Weight Watchers teamed up with Truett-Hurst Winery for this drink) racks up only three points.

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But it’s not just a lower calorie count that will have Cense taking up plenty of room in your shopping cart. Apparently, Cense has a lower alcohol content, too, of about 9.6 percent compared to 9–15 percent. Taking two years to craft to perfection, Cense promises to pack just as much of a flavorful punch even though it has a lower alcohol content, which some experts say can water down the taste.

Available online and at Kroger stores nationwide, rumor has it that in the future, a rosé will be added to the lineup—we can’t wait!