Watch Chrissy Teigen Give Herself a Super Short Haircut on Instagram

Before attending major red-carpet events, most celebrities simply leave their hair in the hands of the pros. However, it's pretty clear that Chrissy Teigen certainly isn’t most celebrities (just take a look at her Twitter account). The supermodel recently debuted a much shorter chop on the Grammy’s red carpet this past Sunday, and interestingly enough, she assisted in giving herself the shorter cut.

In an Instagram video posted by Teigen’s longtime hairstylist, Jen Atkin, Chrissy can be seen shearing the ends of her hair off with a blade. “An important part of having muses, is teaching them to be self sufficient,” Atkin captioned the post.

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Atkin then went on to teach Khloé Kardashian how to curl her own hair in the video, using the Beachwaver Pro 1.25 ($250) as her tool of choice.

While we have a hunch that Atkin put in most of the legwork for Teigen’s new bob pre-Grammys, it’s still pretty brave to trim your own hair before a widely televised event. Is there anything Teigen can’t do?